Meadowbrook Community Council

Supporting community spirit and creating a connected environment in NE Seattle's Meadowbrook community and surrounding neighborhoods.


At 7:10pm President Dan Keefe brought the meeting to order. There were 25 attendees at the meeting. No issues were up for a vote.

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

Mr. Sandy Brown, who is running for City Council from the newly created 5th District, was introduced. He spoke about a new proposed street end to be developed on city land at 135th as well as his petition to have the city use eminent domain to purchase the street end at 130th.

Move Seattle Levy SDOT Director, Scott Kubly, and Andrew Glass-Hastings (Mayor’s Senior Policy Advisor), made a presentation on the Mayor’s proposed MoveSeattle transportation levy and provided handouts summarizing the salient points. Mr. Kubly’s discussion focused on the proposed Seattle growth statistics that supported the need to have a new transportation levy, especially now that the existing Bridging the Gap levy was about to expire. He discussed key submittal time lines and that the levy would be on this November’s ballot. One of the major focuses of the proposed levy is to make the city more walkable and bikeable, which was illustrated by the Mayor’s support for the proposed Northgate Ped/bike Bridge which would cross over I-5 from Northgate to North Seattle College. Funding would come from several sources including the city, state and Federal governments. Support for Light Rail and improving Metro bus service was also discussed. (At this point the Secretary arrived and replaced the President as the meeting secretary.)

In response to a question, Mr. Kubly replied that the levy cost would be $275/year on a $475,000 house. It would provide $150,000,000 in sidewalk improvements, which would be about 150 blocks of new sidewalks on one side of the street.

Sidewalks The President noted that the proposed sidewalk improvements on NE 110th east of 35th Avenue NE were 90% designed. Also, the City has agreed to improve the crosswalk signage at 35th Avenue NE & NE 105th Street.
A representative of the Jane Addams Safety Committee as Mr. Kubly for painted crosswalks on 110th and 115th leading to the school. Another member asked for crosswalk improvements at Ravenna Avenue NE & NE 98th Street. The President noted he was lobbying SDOT for a crosswalk at 35th Avenue NE & NE 98th Street. Mr. Kubly asked for an email summarizing the requested crosswalk painting sites and the President agreed to do so.

Candidate Forum Ms. Bowe spoke about the upcoming May 18th District 5 City Council candidate forum at Jane Addams Middle School, which is being sponsored in part by the Meadowbrook Community Council. The President thanked her for her efforts in helping to organize the forum.

130th Street Light Rail Station Mr. Kubly stated the present plan does not include a light rail station at NE 130th. The plan calls for stations at Northgate, 145th, and 180th however the track will be designed to permit a station to be added in the future. He noted the Mayor supports having a station at 130th and funding for that station could be before the voters in 2016.

Community Garden Vice President Richard Anderson reported that irrigation has been installed in the Garden next to the tennis courts adjacent to Nathan Hale HS. Work parties are usually on Sundays and volunteers can take home part of the produce from the garden. The rest is donated to local food banks.
Undeveloped City Park The President suggested the MCC work to improve the City Park behind the LaVilla Dairy on Fischer Place NE and asked members to contact him with ideas.

There were 31 persons in attendance. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

Save The Date: Seattle City Council District 5 Candidate Forum

The Meadowbrook Community Council, in association with the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance and North District Council invite you to attend

A Candidate Forum for Seattle City Council District 5

Seattle City Council District 5 Map Thumbnail

Monday, May 18, 2015
6:45 to 8:45 pm

Doors open at 6:00pm

Jane Addams Middle School Auditorium
11051 34th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

This is the time to meet the candidates for Seattle City Council District 5 (current at the time of notice):

Learn about their background and experience, ask them questions, grade them, and challenge them to be transparent. You will be given the opportunity to create questions prior to the event-make your voice heard.

Don’t be late. Seating is limited.

For more information Contact Pam Bowe

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Hartford firefighter leaves behind wife

Eyewitness News has confirmed Kevin Bell died fighting Tuesday night’s fire.While everyone living in the home was able to get out safely, firefighter Kevin Bell died.The flames broke out at a two family home at 598 Blue Hills Ave.
replica ray ban sunglasses Smoke and fire quickly spread throughout the residence, but the firefighters knocked down the flames in about 30 minutes."We lost one of our own so others would be saved. He is a hero who lost his life through heroic efforts to save others," Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra, who was visibly shaken, said during a late Tuesday night press conference.Bell, who is six year veteran of the Hartford Fire Department, was born and raised in the capital city. He was a member of Engine 16, where black bunting now hangs.The Hartford Fire Fighters Association said Bell was advancing an attack line in efforts to extinguish the
cheap ray bans working fire when he suffered critical injuries and was removed from the building in cardiac arrest."All efforts were made to revive Brother Bell, but unfortunately these efforts were unsuccessful and he was declared deceased at St. Francis Hospital," the association said in a statement.Bell was called an excellent firefighter by his relatives. They said he was very considerate and not only cared about his job, but fellow firefighters as well."Firefighter Kevin Bell represents and embodies the best in all of us. He made the ultimate sacrifice and we honor you," said Hartford Fire Chief Carlos Huertas at a Wednesday afternoon news conference. "The pain and anguish in the loss of one of our firefighters is beyond measurable."Bell is the second cousin of retired Hartford Fire Chief Charlie Teale."He turned out to be a very enthusiastic, energetic individual and he remained that way even after I retired, so that was comforting," Teale
cheap ray bans said.Teale said he hired Bell and said his commitment to his job and the community were remarkable."He had that love and appreciation for all people in the community he lived in, so I saw that more than I did anything else," Teale added.Kevin Bell was a loving husband of Wayette and the father of a daughter, Raquel."He was a hands on father. Raquel, from the day she was born, had the best of everything. Underlying love for Wayette and the whole family. The type of father we need. (He was) very committed," said his brother Shawn Bell.Kevin Bell was also known as Kutmaster B stro and posted videos of himself as a DJ on YouTube. His brother also said he enjoyed playing football and sports were his first love."His death is a loss to the community," Shawn Bell said. "He was elated at the fact that he was becoming a fireman. He wanted to be chief. He loved his job."Firefighter Jason Martinez, from Manchester, suffered burns on 10 percent of his body and was taken to the Bridgeport burn unit. He has been with the fire department since 2007. Two other firefighters were also injured and have been identified as Kevin Burke, 51, of Engine 5 and Colin McWeeny of Engine 14."This tragedy has severely impacted our fire department," Segarra added.The devastating loss is the first line of duty death in 40 years, and the last line of duty death in Hartford was Tommy Fischer in 1974.The fire also left two families without a home."I saw smoke billowing out of the top of the house," said Kerry Williams, a relative of the victim. "It looked like my mother’s house and I was like ‘oh my God, my mother’s house is on fire,’ and sure enough it was."Williams said when he spoke with his mother over the phone last
discount ray bans night, she was so distraught he couldn’t even make out her words.Articles Connexes:

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Circuit injunction prohibiting certain Navy training exercises in the Pacific Ocean. The decision was a big win for the Navy and for America national security interests.

The court ruling was an ever bigger victory for the role of common sense in the realm of environmental regulation. After 30 years of the federal courts acting as a rubber stamp for the fear mongering of environmentalist groups, the high court has finally restore a modicum of balance to the law.

As Chief Justice John Roberts explained in the court opinion, enemies of the United States possess
discount ray bans hundreds of nearly silent diesel electric submarines. These subs are capable it is their reason for being of getting deadly weapons within striking distance of their targets without those targets seeing or hearing them.

Cognizant of this threat, the president ordered the military to train to detect these stealth submarines using high tech sonar. These exercises were going according to plan until a lawsuit filed by several environmentalist groups sought to stop them, alleging that the sonar might harm whales and dolphins in the Pacific. These groups showed no evidence of such harm, but only that it might occur if the sonar training continued.

Amazingly, a federal judge agreed and issued an injunction prohibiting the Navy from continuing to train as it had for some 40 years. The exercises were constrained in scope and duration. In the face of a known and dire threat, a crucial part of national security policy was, for practical purposes until last week, being written by radical environmental interest groups.

This travesty had its roots
cheap ray bans at the intersection of environmental law and the legal rules governing injunctions. Those rules are old and generally uniform; a party seeking to enjoin some activity must show that the harm from not stopping the activity would be greater than the harm of stopping it. Those asking for injunctions also must show a court that the injunction is in the public interest.

But in 1978, the Supreme Court tilted the playing field in environmental cases. Where certain threatened species were potentially at risk, the court said in the infamous TVA vs. Hill, protection of these species must take precedence all else. Thus, federal courts were given license to issue injunctions regardless of the social or economic value of the activity being prohibited.

For the next three decades, the Endangered Species Act was a virtual super statute, lording over all other federal and state laws. Using the language of the TVA case, the federal courts would forgo the traditional balancing and public interest tests in injunction cases, signing off on injunctions at the mere invocation of the words species. policy has resulted in several situations rightly called disasters. When the federal government, fearing the catastrophic effects of storm surge from a major hurricane, sought to fortify Louisiana coastline in the 1970s, environmentalists quickly shut down the project. Claiming the coastal barriers would alter the habitat of local marine life, a group called Save Our Wetlands got a federal court to stop the project. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina exposed
cheap ray bans the folly of this decision.

Similarly, firefighters in the Pacific Northwest for years have been prohibited from using effective flame retardants to combat deadly forest fires. Environmentalists asked for, and a federal court granted, an injunction against the use of these chemicals, using the above all else ethos to deny the firefighters tools that could save not just property threatened by wildfires, but also the firefighters very lives.

These cases are vivid examples of an environmental law system entirely out of whack. Tens of thousands of property owners unable to build a home on their own land due to trumped up environmental concerns, for example, have suffered from this bias toward extreme environmentalism.

With the Supreme Court sonar decision, a long overdue balance has been restored. The justices signaled an end to the automatic environmental injunction mindset that has prevailed for 30 years.

The court treated the case like it would any other involving an injunction,
discount ray bans carefully weighing the competing interests without placing a heavy thumb on the scale on the side of the environmentalists.

And with the playing field finally leveled, the Navy won. So, too, did common sense.

M. David Stirling is vice president and Steven Geoffrey Gieseler is a lawyer at the Pacific Legal Foundation, the nation oldest public interest law group focused on fighting overzealous environmental regulation The foundation filed a brief in the sonar case in support of the Navy. Mr.

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What’s Happening

(WZZM) Get out and enjoy the fabulous weather this weekend with one of these summertime events.

The Summer Craft Beer Festival is taking over John Ball Park Saturday. There, more then 20 breweries will be offering samples of their specialty brews. The breweries are primarily based in Michigan, but there are a handful from the west and east coasts.

WZZM’s Weather Ball Red Ale is making a comeback at the event. WZZM 13 teamed up with Mitten Brewing company for the Coast West Music Festival to make the specialty brew. It’s a red amber ale, made with caramel hops and makes for the perfect summertime beer.

The Summer Craft Beer Fest opens
cheap ray ban outlet its gates at noon, and closes at 7. It’s all going on at John Ball Park, located at 1300 W. It’s a free event organizer to foster community relationships, and promote the Jenison Business District. on Saturday, instructors will guide you
discount ray bans in polka dancing, swing dancing, line dancing and so much more.

Branns, Culver’s, and Jets Pizza are just a few food options at the event. There will also
cheap ray bans be a beer tent for those 21 years old and older.

The free jazz festival is the first of its kind in West Michigan and offers a wide variety of performers. Well known Chicago based musician Nick Colionne is the headliner, but there are other up and coming artists taking the stage.

There are no event food vendors, but GRandJazzFest falls within Restaurant Week, so patrons are encouraged
fake ray bans to visit the many restaurants in the Downtown area. You can also bring your own picnic supplies. But alcoholic beverages are prohibited.Articles Connexes:

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5 Fan Theories About Cartoons That Will Ruin Your Childhood

A hundred years ago, "ruining your childhood" meant forcing you to work in a mine at age 5 or selling you to the gypsies. Now it’s finding out that Shaggy is a stoner, or that Mario is hooked up on psychedelics, or that ALF was depressed and possibly suicidal. Oh, you didn’t know that one? Whoops. Sorry.

We’ve already told you about some of the crazy (but convincing) cartoon theories on the Web, but crazy is like currency on the Internet, and among all the garbage, some strangely compelling ideas can emerge, making you rethink shows you thought you knew well. For example .

The WALL E we know tells the heartwarming story of the destruction of Earth. When mankind goes off to travel the universe and get fat, they leave a bunch of robots behind to clean up the mountains of garbage that now cover the
replica Michael Kors handbags planet. Seven hundred years later, only one of those trash compacting robots is left: the adorable WALL E. He (it?) falls in love with a space traveling robot called EVE, and together they bring the humans back home.

And then presumably have robo children that look like dongs with wheels.

cheap Michael Kors outlet wait, back up: What happened to all the other WALL E type robots that were left on Earth? We see their broken bodies scattered here and there why is WALL E still functional when all of his brethren are broken down robo corpses?

Easy: According to this theory from Reddit, WALL E freaking destroyed them over a 700 year long murder spree. That’s
replica Michael Kors handbags why there’s still so much garbage covering the planet after so long there was just one robot to clean it, and he’s a psychopath.

First of all, just look at how casually WALL E cannibalizes the parts of the deactivated units at the beginning of the movie he remorselessly rips the treads off of another robot to replace his own and hoards other spare parts in his trailer.

He totally poached that head from Johnny 5.

WALL E is clearly a sentient being, capable of pain and emotion. He recognizes fellow robots as living beings (and of course falls in love with one). And yet, he doesn’t appear to give the slightest fuck about desecrating the scattered corpses of his robotic kin. He’s playing music from Hello, Dolly! as he tears their parts off. Apply the same thinking to human beings and picture a man who collects human body parts to wear and dance around in. Congratulations, you just imagined Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

"This’ll really
replica Michael Kors handbags take my ‘Goodbye Horses’ routine to the next level."

So WALL E is a disturbed individual. But why would he kill the other robots? Maybe, as the fan theory points out, it’s because his objective and their objective weren’t compatible. The entire purpose of these robots was to gather the trash and compact it and yet WALL E, no doubt as a result of some fatal flaw in his programming, actually takes some of those worthless artifacts he’s supposed to be destroying and keeps them to himself, just to stare at them.

They’re basically his robot serial killing trophies.

Or, hell, maybe he just wanted to be able to use their parts to live forever. Either way, at the end of the movie, the humans don’t even suspect that they’re now stuck on a planet with a remorseless mass murdering machine, surrounded by the grim evidence of his madness.

The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations provides an alternate, yet perfectly reasonable explanation for Donald’s escalating anger issues: He’s suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Specifically, he came down with it after the series of shorts in which he fought the Japanese in World War II. A reasonable Donald got drafted and shipped to the Big War an angry shell of a duck returned.

Well, there’s the fact that Donald totally has war flashbacks from time to time (seriously we’ll get to that in a second), but let’s look
cheap Michael Kors at his change in personality. Donald was a temperamental character from as early as his second cartoon, but at first he was only reacting to provocations and rarely tried to hurt anyone. After the war, however,
Michael Kors discounts he became a lot more violent and unstable. He went from just comically moving his fists when he got angry to trying to cut Chip and Dale in half with a saw.

Check out how Donald reacts to the exact same situation
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet before and after the war: In this strip from 1938, he wakes up to find his icebox empty. His response is to set up a camera to catch the thief.

"My God, it’s . literally any duck in the city, since we’re all drawn the same."

The same premise is recycled in The Icebox Robber, but this time Donald immediately flips out on his nephews.

We have no idea what that means, but it can’t be good.

In order to prove that Donald is sleepwalking and stealing his own food, his terrified nephews decide to wake him up with some firecrackers. Big, big mistake. This is what happens:

Basically the same thing that happens to your grandfather after his third drink.

Holy shit, Donald is having a freaking World War II flashback, which, as the fan theory points out, is one of the symptoms of PSTD, along with anger, sleeping troubles, and pretty much every other part of his personality. We can
Michael Kors outlet hardly blame Donald for then trying to stab the kids, thinking they’re Japanese soldiers, because he’s just blinded by the rage.

Also because they are fucking annoying. Stop that "unca" shit.

Man, the war really did a number on the poor guy. But, by all means, continue pointing and laughing at this brave duck who gave his sanity for our freedom.

3. Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Monsters Are Just People from a Dog’s Point of View

Courage the Cowardly Dog stars a paradoxically named canine and his elderly owners, Eustace and Muriel. Despite literally living in "The Middle of Nowhere," Eustace’s farm somehow tends to attract the attention of monsters like mummies, pirates, and giant mutant flies dressed like humans. Courage always ends up defending his masters from these creatures, without them even noticing it.

Wait, there’s a mime in this show? What monster would let a child watch this?!

This theory from Redditor DiggaDoug492 proposes that these "monsters" are nothing more than humans as seen through Courage’s warped dog senses. Courage actually lives on a normal farm; he only thinks it’s in the middle of nowhere because his owners are too old and apathetic to walk him, so he simply doesn’t know what’s outside.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Marketing plan colors frozen yogurt shop green

Background: Integrated Marketing Communications in the University of Tennessee College of Business Administration is a senior level, marketing elective for undergraduate students. Students are asked to apply their four years of business knowledge training to develop a real world integrated marketing communications plan for an area organization. During fall semester 2011, students worked with Sweet CeCe Frozen Yogurts and Treats.

Client: Sweet CeCe was founded in 2009 in Nashville, and its first Knoxville location opened in 2010. The company touts its high quality frozen yogurt, freshly made toppings and superior customer service
fake Michael Kors in a fun atmosphere. At the beginning of the project, Sweet CeCe had locations in Knoxville Sequoyah Hills and Farragut communities.

Students: Brian Jobe, Matthew McSwords, Gordon O Kelly Rife and David Wong were supervised by Cindy Raines, course lecturer and director
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet of communications for UT College of Business Administration.

Project: The students were tasked with developing an integrated marketing communications plan that would increase sales by 20 percent. The team conducted research with Sweet CeCe customers, observed customers at Sweet CeCe Knoxville locations, did market research both online and with industry professionals and evaluated data provided by Sweet CeCe They then assessed Sweet CeCe current image in the marketplace, brand positioning, customer attitudes, competitive offerings, niche opportunities and pricing strategies. They looked at key messaging what does Sweet CeCe want to communicate to its target audience and various ways of marketing the company, such as using traditional marketing venues (print, broadcast, outdoor, etc.); nontraditional venues (guerrilla, viral and street marketing); online; social media;
fake Michael Kors point of sale; editorial coverage; sampling; and discounting.

Approach: The team recognized that Sweet CeCe needed a unique positioning to differentiate it in the marketplace and increase brand recognition and loyalty; it therefore developed the Fun Goes Green campaign

campaign would make Sweet CeCe the first environmentally friendly frozen yogurt restaurant in East Tennessee yet still allow it to maintain its family friendly atmosphere, O said.

The team research confirmed that the Fun Goes Green positioning would resonate in Knoxville, which is becoming more environmentally conscious. Several programs have recently introduced in the city to promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle:

n Knoxville was recently chosen to be a test market for an electric car and charging stations are being installed throughout the city.

n The University of Tennessee has introduced a bike rental depot.

n Several food businesses and organizations that sell organic and locally sourced foods have seen great success.

Results: The recommended target audience for this campaign was families in Knox County with children ages 3 to 14 years old and household incomes of $50,000 or more. Targeted families were family oriented, enjoyed doing activities together and environmentally conscious (active in recycling, mindful of keeping a low carbon footprint, making purchases based on environmental impact, etc.)

The team marketing program centered on Sweet CeCe mascot, a penguin named embodied both the environmental and family friendly appeal of the company, O noted.

To make Sweet
Michael Kors discounts CeCe environmentally conscious, the team suggested:

n Replacing serving materials with environmentally friendly alternatives of biodegradable cups, spoons and napkins

n Using halogen lights to reduce electrical consumption

n Practicing green business activities to reduce Sweet CeCe impact on the environment

n Getting involved with environmentally oriented charities

n Joining For The Planet, a collective of more 1,400 environmentally conscious business who donate 1 percent of profits to environmental causes

n Developing penguin specific flavor combinations (such as the Rockhopper, which contains vanilla frozen yogurt, peanuts, almonds and caramel) and donating 1 percent of those sales to an organization that protects endangered species of
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet penguins, such as the
michael kors handbags outlet World Wildlife Fund

The team suggested the use of television, radio, billboards, direct mail, point of purchase, public relations, and social media to market its Fun Goes Green campaign. It also suggested the use of events to strategically
cheap Michael Kors create a buzz.

tie into our mascot, we recommended that Sweet CeCe host several Ice Bears games, particularly on a family or Boy Scouts oriented night. We would hand out organic promotional items, such as logoed T shirts, tote
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet bags and baseball caps, Rife said. would also have a life sized Sweetness to interact with the kids. team also suggested that Sweet CeCe develop seasonal flavors each month and use Facebook to distribute Savings coupons.

According to Sweet CeCe licensee Scott Coop: opportunity for Sweet CeCe to serve as the topic for this course was beneficial for our business, and we received very valuable take aways. The students provided detailed and creative plans that will help grow the business. By participating in the project, we were able to evaluate what we have been doing and how effective those efforts have been. It was a very positive experience.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Edmonton Rush lacrosse team may be looking for new home

Everything you need to know about Edmonton Rush Lacrosse to jump on the bandwagon in their best year ever with 14 wins in a row. The Rush are hosting
Michael Kors handbags outlet their first ever home playoff game on May 16, 2014.

"It doesn’t look very bright. It appears that it’s coming to an end," said Edmonton Rush owner Bruce Urban. "It’s sad; it’s heart breaking. I thought we had better value for the city, but apparently I was wrong."

Urban’s words come just before the Rush plays Game 2 in the National Lacrosse League’s West Division final on Saturday against the Roughnecks in Calgary. The Rush won the first game last Friday before a crowd of around 7,000 at Rexall Place.

But winning and putting together a good team an exciting good team apparently aren’t enough.

"We’re second last in the league in attendance," said Urban, who admits to being more than a little jealous of teams like the Colorado Mammoth and Buffalo Bandits, who attract 16,000 fans to every game, or Calgary, which averages 12,000.

All three of those teams
replica Michael Kors handbags are owned by their city’s NHL teams.

By comparison, Edmonton’s average crowd count for a team owned solely by Urban is just over 7,000 fans a game this year.

"Why is Calgary drawing 5,000 more fans
cheap Michael Kors handbags than us? I wish I could answer that," said Urban. "We’ve worked hard at it. We’re in the public eye, we’re in the community, we have had great corporate sponsors. It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of trying.

"But Edmonton hasn’t jumped on professional lacrosse. I wish I had the answers."

Urban said he wouldn’t be making any official announcements until the Rush’s season and playoff run is over. Should Edmonton defeat Calgary this weekend, the Rush would play the winner of the East Division final between the Rochester Knighthawks and Toronto Rock in a best of three series.

If Rochester wins, the Rush would have home field advantage and could get two more home games.
Michael Kors handbag outlet
replica Michael Kors outlet If Toronto wins, the top seeded Rock would have home field advantage and Edmonton would get at most one more home game.

"We have different options. I’ve had some interest in other cities for a franchise," said Urban, who visited Saskatoon last month to check out the SaskTel Centre.

As well as weak attendance, Urban said there is also the big question of where the Rush would play if they elected to stay in Edmonton.

"We’ve not been invited into the new arena. And Northlands looks like it is shutting down its arena. So two years from now, we wouldn’t have a building to play in," said Urban. "We can’t look into the future when you know that one building
cheap Michael Kors outlet is going down while the new building has pretty much told you we’re done.

"It’s a tough position."

Urban, who praised his staff, the fan base that did show up and the Rush’s corporate sponsors, didn’t mince his words when it came to Edmonton mayor Don Iveson or
Michael Kors handbags outlet city council.

"City Hall has basically said there is no place for you here. That’s the feeling we’ve got anyway. We haven’t heard anything from the City or from the (Daryl) Katz Group. We’ve simply had no support from the City of Edmonton.

"Our mayor tweets about Connor McDavid, but we can’t get him to tweet about us. I invited him to last week’s playoff game, but I didn’t get any response."

Urban believes the biggest difference between Edmonton and Calgary when it comes to
replica Michael Kors handbags lacrosse is the attitude and involvement or lack thereof of the two city councils.

"Calgary’s City Hall loves their Roughnecks. They’ve got a huge ‘Go Roughneck’ sign outside of their City Hall. Naheed Nenshi, Calgary’s mayor, has had his picture taken in a Roughneck jersey. But, here, we haven’t seen 25 cents from our City," said Urban.

"This is Year 10 and we’ve had absolutely no support from the City of Edmonton. They’ve made it clear where we sit in their books and that’s sad.

"The previous mayor (Stephen Mandel) made sure he got the arena deal done. The current mayor acts like we are non existent. Delonna Sullivan died in April 2011, six days after the four month old was taken into foster care.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Align your
replica oakleys Teeth with Orthodontists in Hornsby

You are only good looking like as your teeth. Beautiful and amazing smiles are created with straight and aligned teeth. Hornsby dental invisalign have the aim of ensuring you look good always, especially
oakleys sunglasses with perfect teeth. In this day and age you would be very uncomfortable with crooked teeth. You certainly want to take photos and appear in as many as you can. Your good looks will make you attractive to many friends. Popularity of invisalign braces is increasing fast even as more and more people are willing to spend
cheap oakleys on money just so they can look good. You should therefore align your teeth and look good regardless of your age and personality.

Who should straighten their teeth?

The right answer to the question is anyone. So long as you are in Hornsby it does not matter how old or young you are. Hornsby orthodontist invisalign is for everyone. People have always imagined that only a specific age group can align their teeth. The notion is very wrong and the truth is that anyone can look good like they want to. If you are a child you better align your teeth early enough so by the time you are all grown you won t
oakleys sunglasses have to stress yourself. However you will only be eligible to align them if your dental health is okay. They are licensed and are professional as well. You can always trust in the orthodontists to do a good job on you. First they will always start by diagnosing what s wrong with your teeth. You will be asked to explain any ramifications on your teeth before gluing the braces start. Usually any issue like toothaches and gum diseases are treated first just so the alignment works better. It would really be of
cheap oakleys no use
fake oakley wholesale to glue invisalign braces on your teeth yet you have defects or injuries. Therefore, just be frank with the orthodontists so you can get the best out of the process. You will also be engaged in details about what will be done to you with computer aided software. It is better to be fully aware of what you undergo at all times.

Hornsby orthodontist invisalign have been helpful to many people for many years. In fact there are numerous testimonials of people who have come from far parts of Australia just so they can get the best services offered by the orthodontists. Before engaging on you can always ask for track record and other previous works done. The orthodontists use the latest technology in examining your teeth and ensuring they are well. They also use the invisalign braces
fake oakleys because they are way better than conventional metallic or wire braces. Wire braces, for example, will make you feel uncomfortable all the time and itch you as well. If you are allergic to them they will do you no good but simply irritate you. Some also want to extort money from you for no reason.

Straightening your enamel is one of the best way of aligning your teeth. In Epping there are various orthodontists who do teeth alignment with braces. The brace shave been used for a very
oakley sunglasses discount long time and are ideal for everyone. This is a tiny thread like tissue that is found in the center of every tooth. After its removal, the empty space is cleaned and filled.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses cheap oakleys 7625

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are more than designer eyewear accessories due to its various uses, people find it multipurpose. They are helpful in reducing glare caused by excess sunlight or reflection as well as provide better and wider protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sometimes these sunglasses are useful in hiding natural emotions and facial expression. Fashion trends are like a cycle, the trend that was popular twenty thirty years ago becomes hot and in demand suddenly. It happened with oversized sunglasses too. Oversized sunglasses were in fashion during late 1950’s. Oversized sunglasses
cheap oakley sunglasses are also called Onassis sunglasses. These sunglasses are named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of President Kennedy of the United
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Cockerill confident of Tigers win

"But we are a good side too so don’t discount the rugby we’ve been playing.But Cockerill added: "We will go out there and play and do what we do well. It’s all ifs, buts and maybes but pundits do get it wrong
oakleys sunglasses sometimes you know."I’m not concerned about what other people say. We’ve worked really hard this week, we’ve got a squad that’s fitter than
fake oakleys it’s ever been and I’m more than confident we can go and do a job."Leicester fly half Toby Flood is also wary of the threat Cardiff pose but feels he and his team mates are capable of beating them at the Millennium Stadium.The Tigers thumped Bristol 73 3 in the Guinness Premiership last weekend and Flood told BBC Radio Leicester: "Coming from our biggest win of the year has
fake oakley sunglasses done the boys the world of good."We realise what a tough test we’ve got Cardiff have been playing some fantastic rugby recently,
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale they are looking strong, winning games but the guys are quite excited by that and looking forward to the challenge."And Flood feels his side have to believe they can translate their impressive domestic form onto the European stage."You’ve got to back yourself," he explained. "If you look at the quality in our squad, we’ve got to back ourselves as
oakleys sunglasses a good team who can beat any other team on our day. The
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