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Community Meeting — July 9th, 2013 7PM

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July 9, 2013; 7-9pm

Hello to you all,
Hope life has been treating you well since our meeting in May. At least the weather is being reasonably cooperative! Due to a babysitting “rescue” for my grandkids in Helena, I will not be available to run the upcoming meeting, but I have left it in the capable hands of Richard Anderson, VP, and Pam Bowe, Community Outreach.

Some GOOD News – NE 110th sidewalk project with proposed improvements between 39th & 40th and near 35th (flooding issue) was approved as the number one priority project for the North District by the NDC. Its #1 ranking will give it a big advantage as it goes through SDOT’s final review process.

CleanScapes $50K award – Sue McGann and Lee La Criox’s proposal for improvements to the Meadowbrook Community Building’s kitchen was approved for $11K.

Wheelchair swing – Dept of Parks and Rec conducted a sighting feasibility study and found that Magnuson Park provided the best location. There were too many competing activities at Meadowbrook Park which raised safety concerns.

The Meadowbrook/SusNe Seattle community garden continues to look fantastic thanks, as always, to Sue McGann and the dedication of a number of people who have reliably shown up for our Sunday (noon to 2p, usually) work parties. Since May, several harvests have occurred, including garlic, lettuce, chard, peas and onions. Quantities have been sufficient to give the volunteers a nice share of the bounty, as well as some for the Maple Leaf Lutheran church soup kitchen.

The Edibledge (orchard) is looking good and showing signs that several fruit crops will be abundant again this year.

Website: Pam Bowe and I continue to post news and events sponsored by numerous other neighborhood organizations on our website. We continue to receive kudos from other groups on the site, for which Pam and her associates deserve our thanks. Pam Bowe will provide an update at the meeting. (Any suggestions will be gladly taken and considered.)

Community Outreach: Pam Bowe and I have continued to attend meetings of select groups. Pam attended the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance (LNCA) meeting on July 2nd and informed them about our efforts to get safety equipment installed along NE110th from 35th to Sand Point Way while it’s being used as a detour.
Most of the Lake City, Meadowbrook, and Wedgwood activities can be found on the LCNA calendar:

Meeting Program: We have scheduled only one outside presenter at our upcoming meeting-
1- Our district representative, Gerry Pollet will provide an update on traffic safety, changes in the schools in our neighborhood and highlights of the 2013 legislative session.
2- Meadowbrook Pond Dredging project. Information on the status of the this project will provided to the extent known
3- 125th/Sand Point Way re-paving project – progress will be updated.

Mark your calendars—As usual, looking forward to a well- attended meeting.Dan Keefe
President, MCC

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