Meadowbrook Community Council

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Meadowbrook Community Mtg — March 8, 2016 7PM

Our March 8th meeting is shaping up to be not only very important, but also interesting.

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

Two matters of important business include our annual elections for the executive board positions and, for the first time in many years, the existing bylaws have been revised and sent out for membership review. At our March 8th meeting we hope to vote to approve the changes and begin operating on a more reasonable and up to date set of bylaws.

It will be interesting; because we are honored to have commitments from CM Debra Juarez and State Congressman, Brady Walkinshaw, 43rd District to speak to us. Debra will of course talk to us about District 5 issues and will be looking for input from us regarding our needs. Brady has declared as a candidate to run for US Congressman Jim McDermott’s soon-to-be-vacant seat in the House of Reps.

The Sidewalk Committee has met four times since its inception and has made great progress and we intend to share the report it has produced and submitted to SDOT. This first report is intended to be a “quick start” proposing “easy wins” but is by no means a final. We intend to update it periodically as we hear more and more from the community regarding where sidewalks are desired. Intersection and crosswalk improvements are also a part of the Committee’s efforts. SDOT is looking to fund the proposed sidewalks and crosswalks with the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund ($90K), Neighborhood Street Fund ($100K to 1.0 million), the school zone speed camera fines and others.

We have submitted our re-certification package to NDC. Standing reports on the garden, crime and the website will also be presented and ideas on topics for future meetings in 2016 will, as always, be welcome. Agendas will be available at the meeting. Mark your calendars– Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Dan Keefe, President

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