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UPDATE 4/20/2016: Sand Point Way Construction

This is an update on the emergency replacement of a retaining wall in the 8500 block of Sand Point Way NE. Please feel free to share with others.

ALL FINISHED FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Traffic on Sand Point Way NE has just been reopened to traffic in both the north and south bound directions and will remain open through the weekend.

The detour for north bound traffic will be re-established on Monday morning at 6:30AM. The northbound detour will be in effect Monday through Saturday during the month of April between 6:30AM and 3:30PM, and will begin just north of the NOAA Drive.

South bound traffic will NOT be detoured off Sand Point Way, but drivers should remain cautious and attentive to flaggers present. Slow moving heavy equipment will occasionally be on site, although most work activity will be out of sight on the eastern vertical face of the new wall. Additional pictures of the work will be posted to the project website sometime Monday.

Since the last project update 2 weeks ago considerable progress has been made on both the new retaining wall and on the new water main. The retaining wall’s timber structure has been fitted with drain mats and connection studs, in preparation for the concrete surface covering.

The new 16” diameter water main has been installed, pressure tested and treated with a chlorine solution. The water in the new line has been successfully tested, and the new line will now be connected to the rest of the system and the temporary bypass line will be removed. Service connections for the half dozen residences next to the project are planned for Monday 3/21.

As soon as the new water main is in service the by-pass will be removed and the surface of the roadway will be replaced. At this time we still anticipate reopening Sand Point Way NE for traffic in the southbound direction by April 2, as previously announced. (Please note however that the remaining work is somewhat weather dependent and subject to delay.)

Restoration of traffic in the northbound direction requires the replacement of the surface of the roadway on the eastern side, and completion of the new retaining wall, plus reinstallation of the previously removed utility poles and guard rails. At this time we fully expect to complete this work and reopen Sand Point Way NE to northbound traffic by early May.

Once again, please feel free to share this information with co-workers, neighbors, family, friends and others who may be interested. And thank you for your continued patience.

Art Brochet
Communications Lead
City of Seattle Department of Transportation
O: 206.615.0786 | M: 206.852.8848 |

The contractor has finished setting the last of 15 piles into the slope just east of the road shoulder. The cranes used for drilling the 55 foot deep holes and for placing the 6 ton steel I-beams will be removed from the site this week, once the timber lagging is fully installed. The next phase of the work will be replacing approximately 220 feet of water main in the vicinity of the new retaining wall. The new water main (16” in diameter) will be installed under the south bound travel lane of Sand Point Way NE. This location, approximately 20’ to the west of the existing line, is further from the road shoulder, and more secure in the event of future soil instability.
Unfortunately, this location means that Sand Point Way will not be reopened to traffic next week as originally planned. Crews will need to remove existing pavement, place the new line and repave the south bound travel lane before reopening the road. Work will continue 6 days a week, typically 10 hours a day, in an effort to restore Sand Point Way NE to use as soon as possible.

It is likely south bound traffic will be restored by April 2, and north bound traffic in early May, but some of the construction work remaining is weather dependent, and the new water line must be tested before being placed into service, so this is not certain.

Traffic along the detour route – along NE 70th Street, 35th Avenue NE and NE 95th Street – has been very congested, especially during peak travel hours. The traffic signals along the detour route have been retimed as much as possible to deal with these abnormal volumes.

Flaggers are now stationed at both ends of the work zone to assist drivers who have not understood the “Road Closed Ahead” signage, and uniformed police officers will be assisting with traffic flows on 35th Avenue NE during peak periods.

Thanks for subscribing to these updates and for forwarding on to those who may be affected. The website has additional information about the project and a link to photos of construction activity – including an image that reveals the height of the new wall. Updates will continue to be provided on the construction and throughout the project. If you have a question or a topic you’d like to see addressed, please let me know.
Thank you again for your understanding.

Update 2.26.2016

As of noon on Tuesday February 23rd the contractor had set 8 steel I-beams into the slope just east of the shoulder of Sand Point Way NE. Each I-beam is 60 foot long, 24 inches across and weighs 11,568 pounds. The steel beams are set into 36 inch diameter holes, partially filled with concrete. After the concrete sets, wood timbers are fit in between the steel beams to hold back the slope – and the roadway.

The cranes which bore the holes and set the steel beams block the entire width of the road – which is the reason for the detours on Sand Point Way NE. However, even after the remaining steel beams are set and the cranes moved off site, further work will be required – restoring the water main, rebuilding the road shoulder and repaving the road surface. Crews are continuing to work 6 days a week, typically 10 hours a day, in an effort to restore Sand Point Way NE to use as soon as possible.

Traffic along the detour route – along NE 70th Street, 35th Avenue NE and NE 95th Street – has been very congested, especially during peak travel hours. Please be considerate of pedestrians attempting to cross at intersections along this route and be patient with everyone. The Seattle Police Department has been requested to provide speed enforcement patrols in the area to enhance everyone’s safety.

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