Meadowbrook Community Council

Supporting community spirit and creating a connected environment in NE Seattle's Meadowbrook community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Meadowbrook Community Meeting July 12, 2016 7:00-8:30PM



Yes for Homes Campaign will make a short presentation in favor of the upcoming Seattle Housing Levy vote.

Richard Anderson will discuss the pros and cons of the so called “Removing Barriers to Backyard Cottages and Accessory Dwelling Units” rule which is being proposed by CM O’Brian.

Pam Bowe will discuss the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and the proposed zoning changes for Lake City Way and surrounding areas.

The MCC Sidewalks Committee was dealt a disappointment in that none of our 3 sidewalk proposals for Neighborhood Street Fund grants (NSF) were selected by NDC for further consideration by SDOT. Other funding mechanisms will be pursued, especially since NSF funding goes in three-year cycles. Regarding our two Neighborhood Park and Street Fund (NPSF) proposals that were accepted by NDC, SDOT cost summaries have been received and NDC will vote July 6th on one or two of the three proposals with the final outcome heavily weighted on cost since there is only $90K available in this fund for each of the 13 districts in Seattle. I will report on outcome of the voting at our upcoming meeting.

Meadowbrook and Wedgwood CCs joint proposal for a greenways project on 32nd Ave Ne has been completed and submitted. Since it was an open proposal and not part of the Bicycle Master Plan it will have to be funded in a creative fashion. The proposal was praised by Brian Dougherty of SDOT and Gordon Padelford of Seattle Greenways.

Wilma Boyd will share her experience as a City-wide Large Projects reviewer from the North District. She may even provide an idea or two for a Large Project of our own.

Standing reports on the garden, crime and the website will also be presented and ideas on topics for future meetings in 2016 will, as always, be welcome. Agendas will be available at the meeting. Mark your calendars for July 12th — Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Dan Keefe, President

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